Watsu Sessions

Feb 13, 2016 Watsu sessions are available on Saturday, February 13 from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Book your session through The Spa, 952-935-8905. Watsu sessions are available for two.

Soft and Soothing, Head to Toes

Feb 01, 2016 This restorative package is designed to soften, soothe and reinvigorate the skin, head to toe. It begins with a full-body Aromessence treatment, the Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure which includes a soothing paraffin wax treatment, and a customized facial. $295/$345

A Marsh Spa Experience for Your Valentine

Feb 01, 2016 Share a memorable getaway with your Valentine! We have expanded our Spa hours Valentine’s weekend and have created a special Spa Dining Menu including champagne and desserts to delight your loved one. Please schedule early. We will be happy to suggest a customized experience. Call The Spa at 952-935-8905.

Spa Services for Healthy Feet & Legs

Jun 09, 2015 Restorative Foot Treatment
Proper foot hygiene is the key to healthy, pain-free feet. Our Restorative Foot Treatment in the Marsh Spa will smooth rough skin and soften calluses with professional nail trimming to help prevent ingrown toenails. This treatment is ideal for men and women and includes exfoliation and foot/leg massage. 25 minutes: $40 Public, $30 Marsh Members

Troubled Toenails
Thick toe nails, diabetes and other health conditions are serious concerns when trying to keep feet and toenails healthy. This 25-minute soak and nail clipping service is for people who need assistantce and want to lessen the risk of nipping and bleeding. $35 Public, $25 Marsh Members

Leg & Foot Massage for Neuropathy
Massage for lower leg circulation issues helps alleviate the discomfort of neuropathy through relaxation. It decreases production of stress hormones (resulting in beneficial effects to blood sugar levels); myofascial effects (facilitating greater physical mobility as elevated blood sugar causes thickening of connective tissue and can result in stiffness); and circulation (facilitating a more efficient uptake of insulin by the cells). 25 minute therapy: $50 Public, $45 Marsh Members; or 50 minutes $85 Public, $70 Marsh Members.

Call The Spa at 952-935-8905 to make your appointments.

Personal Training & Sports Massage Combined

Jan 14, 2015 Take your training program further with our training and massage packages! Sports massage prepares the muscles for activity, increases circulation and flexibility and prepares the body for maximum performance with fewer injuries. Post-exercise, this form of massage reduces pain, soreness and spasms. Watch for our massage therapists all month periodically in the Training Center offering chair massage and table stretching!

• Two 30-minute training sessions; Two 25-minute massages $160 Public, $130 Marsh Members
• Six 1-hour training sessions; Three 50-minute massages $500 Public, $480 Marsh Members

Call the Spa to book or purchase services at 952-935-8905.